Moving From Intentions to Results on Personal Health & Professional Flow

With Patrick Streppel, Motivational Speaker

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Brain & Body Fit After Forty

Despite common belief, there is no such thing as an automatic connection between growing older and a decline in health. Everybody can stay healthy and enjoy life regardless of age and gender with having enough energy for work and pleasure.

What you will hear from me goes much further than the stale and boring advice we have been hearing for decades; move more, eat less and just push through to achieve and maintain health and fitness goals.

Expect an entertaining presentation full of eye-openers that give you the insights to create the habits that support a healthy lifestyle and keep you active, productive and creative your entire life.

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The Power of Change

Why is it that almost every time we begin with our best intentions to improve our personal or professional life, we are pulled back into our old and detrimental behaviors as if we were attached to a rubber band?

In my presentations, you will hear about the two main areas in our brain that can either turn our lives into a mess or into a success and what it takes to create the harmony that gets and keeps you on track toward making lasting changes.

Then it is time to cover the "how". After years of experimenting with tools and techniques that fit within a busy life, you will get exactly what you need to be successful in every area of your life.

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Living Your Dream

Whether you realize it or not, everything we do to be successful in our work, our relationships, and our health is to live our dream and experience lasting happiness.

What does it take to live your dream? Embark with me on a journey that will enlighten and inspire you to look at your life differently than you may have ever done before.

Part of that journey is aking and answering the question what holds us back from living our dream, followed by discovering the insights and strategies that enable to get as close to living our dream as we want and, most important of all, how to make them ours forever.

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About Patrick Streppel

I’m a motivational speaker, coach, author and entrepreneur with years of experience in real estate, leisure and the older adult fitness/health industry.

Blending a down to earth, and easy going nature, it is my passion to create conditions that produce lasting results in the personal and professional lives of men and women who are ready and open to change.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I currently live with my lovely wife Denise in Ontario, Canada. We are the proud parents of three grown-up children and grateful to see how they use their unique talents to create their own version of a happy and joyful life.

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What People are Saying

When Patrick added coaching with the launch of his book “Brain & Body Fit After Forty” I was eager to take part.  The added coaching sessions helped me recognize negative attitudes and how to change them to positive ones.  It was a slow process, becoming aware of things I needed to alter my behavior and working towards various goals. Even on vacation, Patrick was available to monitor my progress and support changes I had made. His book is a great resource for continuing the journey towards mastering my life, my eating, and my exercise. Thank you, Patrick!

Finally, a book and coaching that continues where most other fitness and nutrition books and coaching leave off. His book and coaching explain step-by-step how to move from intention to result. Patrick’s contagious enthusiasm comes through in an uncomplicated manner, starting with your mind; the foundation for lasting lifestyle changes.

I now understand why my initial enthusiasm when starting another fitness or healthy food program always disappeared so quickly. Although doubtful at first, what I experienced through Patrick’s coaching and learned about nutrition, well-being and how our body works has been a very positive life-changing experience.

Patrick’s book and coaching are for people who notice the effects of aging such as weight gain, sore back and no energy! I want to enjoy the years ahead in the best shape with optimal energy and brain health to remain alert and focused. His book and coaching are my guides.

Patrick’s speech was inventive and original. His enthusiasm comes from within and his energy already is in itself inspiring.

“Patrick’s presentation “The First Wealth is Your Health” was an eye-opener for many with
an inspiring call to action to take care of our health and get the best out of life.”

“Patrick connects with his audience, holds their interest and is a real pleasure to listen to.
Our group felt inspired by his passion and the practical information he shared with us.”

Your presentation was very fascinating, especially telling us how the brain is affected by mood and food.
The members found your talk inspiring and motivating to improve the quality of their lives.
We felt your book “Brain and Body Fit after Forty” would benefit our family and so we bought extra copies!
We certainly recommend your presentation to other groups. Your message needs to be spread widely.

Susan and John

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